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Joseph Talley

Project Manager

Joseph’s career in special education began professionally in 2003, but as his sister was born with cerebral palsy, he has been working with the differently abled his entire life.  He studied special education at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi where he graduated with his masters in 2019.  Before moving to Arizona to be closer to family, Joseph worked as a graduate assistant at Texas A&M for 2 years and prior to that taught elementary school as a resource and in-class support teacher.  Joseph began working for Special Needs Services in April of 2022 as a transition coordinator, and is now the project manager.  He teaches the members how to transform their art into products which they can sell, such as t-shirts, stickers, mugs, etc., and also teaches the members new ways in which to express their art (such as airbrushing, 3D modeling, tie dyeing and painting).  He has been passionate about ensuring everyone is treated kindly and with compassion since his sister’s birth, and losing her two years ago has made this goal even more important to him than ever. In his free time Joseph enjoys anything outdoors that he can do with his dog, as well as playing games (both digital and tabletop) and watching television.

As Project Manager, Joey`s role is focused more on the Project side of SNS. Joey is not only helping members make awesome stuff be he has also made; custom sticker, custom t-shirts, tye-dye shirts, and custom temporary tattoo! All of these have been designed by our members!! Joey's other responsibilities are focused on being a coach to the members. This means dealing with de-escalation, taking them volunteering at local places, and being there for support if needed.

Joseph Talley
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