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Todd Porter

GSE Manager

Todd joined SNS in May of 2022. Todd was trained on GSE and has been a phenominal help to our program. Todd himself had a child with disabilites and understands the struggles that it might bring to any individual. After loosing his child to illness Todd has more determination than ever to push the members to there best abilities preparing them for the world! With his first hand experience as a father to a disabled individual, Todd has the empathy and patientce that we all strive for in our lives. He is loved and adored here and belives that we`re all one big family. Which we cant deny, because we are!

As GSE Manager, Todd has many responsibilties. From taking his GSE crew out to public places to get them work, to already working our exsisting obligations to some businesses around town, being a coach, and even janitorial work with the member. Todd is the man who takes pride pushing the members to be more independent.

Todd Porter
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