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Adult Program


A group setting service that provides a Division member with individualized instruction, training, and support to promote skill development for integrated and competitive employment.

Transition to Employment


This group service provides individuals with an on-site supervised work environment in a community employment setting. Members are paid by Special Needs Services or the employer for work performed in accordance with State and Federal law.

Group Supported Employment


Used for those clients who require extensive preparation for employment. We train in basic skills that individuals must possess to be successful at work. 

Work Adjusrment Training


To assist the client in finding a job placement that is individualized to the client's work preferences and strengths, and insures a good employer/employee match.

Job development and placement


Provides instructions and assistance to clients in researching various career fields, qualifications and skill requirements for various jobs for which clients are interested, and job outlook and current employment opportunities with local employers throughout Arizona. 

Career Exploration


To assist the client who has been placed in employment in order to stabilize the placement and enhance job retention.

Job Retention


In addition to TTE, DTA and GSE programs, Special Needs Services offers various one-on-one services funded by Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) to support our members who are willing and able to work in a competitive workforce. We provide the following VR services: Work Adjustment Training, Trial Work Experience, Career Exploration, and Supported Education.

Vocational Rehabilitation


A service that provides specialized sensory-motor, cognitive, communicative, social interaction and behavioral training to promote skill development for some portion of a

24-hour day.

Day Treatment And Training

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