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Employment Coach

Alicia worked in the nursing field 20 plus years for hospitals, assisted living facilities, and developmental disabilities independent housing. She loves working with people and claims that she enjoys the happiness SNS brings to the members and that her job brings her ultimate joy. Alicia is the ultimate ball of joy to have in any context. Her laugh is contagious and brings a wave of peace and love to all who hear. The members adore her and she genuinely has a determined will to help others. Not only do the coaches adore her, the fellow coaches love being around her. She has a unique and beautiful perspective on life and lives it to the fullest. SNS truly is grateful to her for bringing a smile to everyone everyday, without her, SNS coaches and members would not be laughing as hard as they do!

As an Employment Coach, Alicia's responsibilities are focused on being a coach to the members. This means being proficient in de-escalation, taking them volunteering at local places, and being there for support, and giving honest feedback and advice to our members when they need it!

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