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Belinda Johnson

Program Director

Belinda joined SNS in April of 2021. She knew early on that helping those with disabilities was her passion in life. Belinda moved to Arizona in 2016 and her journey began. Her son was diagnosed in 2020 and began the path that led her to SNS. Belinda believes that knowledge is power. She has found a passion for teaching TTE to the members helping them find their power. With Belinda`s previous work qualifications, she is without a doubt the best at de-escalating any issues that the members might have. She is kind and caring to the point were everyone feels comfortable opening up to her. She truly is a great asset at our center.

As Program Director Belinda is in charge of making sure the building doesn`t burn down. Her role truly requires her to be a Jack of all trades. Her responsibilities range from making the TTE schedules, Vocational Rehabilitation, to regular having meetings/support coordinator meetings, to being a back-up coach, to interviewing new coaches, to planning big events for the program, and de-escalating. Belinda has responsibilities that aren`t well seen day to day, but when looking back at where we came from we all can certainty see a difference!

Belinda Johnson
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