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Joe Gangemi

Program Director

Joe Gangemi recently has moved into the position of Program Director! Before this he was the head A/V and worked closely with members as a TTE coach by volunteering at the foodbank 3 days a week. With his new position as Program Director Joe is confident that he can deliver a fun and fulling service to the members that he holds so closely to heart. Joe has been with SNS since 2008 and has worked every service we offer, other than dance. Joe likes to joke around but is committed to making sure everyone is getting their job done. With that being said, get to work.

As Program Director Joe is in charge of making sure the building doesn`t burn down. His role truly requires him to be a Jack of all trades. His responsibilities range from making the TTE schedules, to regulary having meetings/support cordinator meetings, to being a back-up coach, to running the 3D printer, to interviewing new coaches, to planning big events for the program, to even handling some meltdowns that some members have at the office. Joe has responsibilities that aren`t well seen day to day as, but when looking back at where we came from we all can certaintly see a difference!

Joe Gangemi
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