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Lisa Hunemuller

Home and Community Based Services Manager

Lisa started on a new career path as an Office Manager in a Center Based Program in 2006, and quickly discovered her passion for helping people with disabilities and never looked back. Lisa joined the SNS team in 2008. She became a certified Article 9 Instructor in 2010 and started the Special Needs Services DTS Summer Program in 2013. Lisa is a compassionate and wonderful person to be around and is great at understanding the needs of our members.

As Home and Community Based Services Manager Lisa has a very important role. Not only is she managing all the community based services we offer, but she also is in charge of training for all SNS employees. This ranges from Article 9, to harassment training, to neglect and abuse training, etc. Lisa is an essential individual to SNS. Without her, all of the coaches wouldnt have the proper training or high expectations that we all strive for.

Lisa Hunemuller
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